Emmy Ellemo

2D animator & illustrator

with a passion for details


I'm a Motion Creative alumni from Hyper Island, Stockholm. I'm an animator and illustrator with a background in graphic design.


I'm a visual generalist because I'm always so curious about different techniques and styles. I'm driven by details, textures and patterns in my work and a lot of my inspiration comes from antique architecture and interior, nature and history.


When I’m not working I spend my time in the Swedish mountains and forests or meeting my family/friends, listening to audiobooks, learning new stuff and looking at cute puppies on instagram.



Digital material producer, H&M (now)

Motion designer intern, Adme (3 months, 2018)

Marketing assistant, Lundagrossisten (2 years, 2015-2017)

Graphic design, Kreutz GmbH (6 months, 2013)

Self employed, Ellemy Art & Design / Kvickster



1 year Motion Creative, Hyper Island (2017-2018)

Artstation Masterclasses - Games Edition (2018)

3 years digital design, Kristianstad University (2012-2015)

3 years law & criminology, Fyrisskolan in Uppsala (2008-2012)

1 year exchange in Cologne, Germany (2009-2010)

Basic military training, Swedish Army (2014)

Group leader, The Swedish Church (2007-2009)

Expo team, Mother Exhibition, Nobelberget (2017)


2D animation (AE)

Digital illustration

Graphic design

Art (sketching, acrylics, patterns)




Confident in:

After Effects, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop



Flash, Premiere, Cinema 4D, Zbrush



Fluent in swedish, english and german

Operational style

Endurance - patient and hard working

Honest - Clear about my needs to work efficiently

Respectful, peaceful and down to earth


Some of my clients



TV4 Kökets Box



Peppy Pals


Levande Fötter

Ebeka / Xilera


“I really appreciate your good energy and your heart of gold. You are a great asset and I’m fascinated by the graphics you created for this project. Your characters were spot on!”

Madeleine Ljungqvist

Teammate in client project with Peppy Pals

“You are super sweet and I love your strong commitment to all tasks!”

Josefin Thyberg

Expo Team at Mother Exhibition

"I think you have a very good work structure for the production process and the communication with us as a client."




"We were really amazed over the work you've done the past week, and how well you understood the core concept of Peppy Pals and EQ."

Peppy Pals,

Client project at Hyper Island


Animator & illustrator / Stockholm

+4672 - 252 84 71



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